The Design Squiggle & The Route of Aging: Part I

The Route of Aging Team, from L to R: Dennis Pilkey, Stephen Amirault, Kenzie Finlayson-Buck, Aileen Nasager, Michele Banfield, Jon Kincade at a NS GovLab Prototyping workshop.
The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman,
  1. Pride and independence of people as they age, drives decisions about how and where to live even if the costs to adapt a current home are high.
  2. For those working in the space of home adaptation, that empathy and training is required to properly retrofit a home so that folks can age in place and that in NS, this empathy and training is significantly lacking among trades persons and contractors.
  3. That aging at home often requires a lot more than a few retrofits/adaptations to the physical building or home. They learned that services are also required to support folks as mobility, fitness, and health may decline over the years. Services such as contractors, homecare, personal care, snow clearing, gardening support, and others are offered by a range of organizations and entities but when services are offered by public institutions or when financial support is for these services are offered through publicly funded programs, citizens find it difficult to apply, find information and the organizations providing these supports are often very disconnected.
  1. How might we create a culture that normalizes supports and services for aging in place in a way that is attractive to users and providers?
  2. How might we better connect existing services and create a more navigable and cohesive system of services and supports?
  3. How might we create and promote awareness and reduce stigma for those providing supports and services for seniors?

A social innovation lab focused on population aging in Nova Scotia, Canada. @NSGovLab

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NS GovLab

NS GovLab

A social innovation lab focused on population aging in Nova Scotia, Canada. @NSGovLab

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